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Palace shrinks the generation of this kind of phenomenon, as a result of,be fetal grow gradually in female uterus the physiology phenomenon that touchs uterine interior arises. So to every pregnant woman, the body is unavoidable to want to produce palace to shrink phenomenon. But palace shrinks the phenomenon is too frequent serious perhaps word, the body that can invite pregnant woman produces acuteness ache to feel, this namely labor pains. So the pregnant woman of this moment also can be adopted can alleviate effectively the method that palace shrinks, so suck oxygen to you can alleviate does palace shrink?

Suck oxygen to be able to alleviate does palace shrink

Suck oxygen to be able to alleviate does palace shrink

Occurrence palace shrinks phenomenon, in sucking oxygen to be able to increase blood1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Oxygen content, prevent fetal and anoxic cause undesirable consequence. Not be serious palace shrinks the phenomenon need not use treatment, the attention observes with respect to the suction with travel proper; oxygen is affected to child it’s nothing.

Palace shrinks, the unripe reason that is an uterus is contractive, basically include false sex palace to shrink with true sex palace. 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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True sex palace shrinks is one of main omen of childbirth. This kind of palace shrinks is irregular in the begining, intensity is weaker also, and can become as the elapse of time have the law, intensity increases, duration is lengthened, time interval shortens. If time interval is in 2, 3 minutes, continuously 50, 60 seconds.

Suck oxygen to be able to alleviate does palace shrink

False sex palace shrinks to say defer palace shrinks again, it is abiogenesis uterine systole. Main characteristic has 3: Time random law, aperiodicity, level loses by force differ. False sex palace shrinks to be in commonly pregnant is controlled 6 weeks can begin, but a lot of mom won’t be experienced, one just can have a feeling till pregnant metaphase. Be in gravid finally a few months especially finally a few weeks inside, can appear apparent irregular palace shrinks.

The feeling that palace shrinks differs according to the type and distinguish somewhat. Behave respectively shrink in palace the respect such as time, frequency, aching position.

True palace shrinks in the beginingForum of Shanghai night net

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, appear in the abdomen of accurate mom commonly sorely, also somebody can appear in the waist, aching degree is differ, because of the person different. What should appear is slight ache, at this moment feeling and menstruation comeA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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When alvine acheLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Painful identical; and the elapse as time, ache the feeling can be strengthened slowly, interval shortens, ache time is lengthened.

After passing period of time, palace shrinks can come more violently, be down an abdomen to diffuse sorely, or defecate touch is added below acid having a small of the back, this kind of palace shrinks is to be darling to be born prepare. Accurate mom is not beyond the mark and right now nervous, best can dispersive attention, loosen the mood, cooperate doctor guidance. Still can how is have the aid of produced hold, Lamaze breathes a law to wait will cooperate palace to shrink, so that more success labors.

Suck oxygen to be able to alleviate does palace shrink

Palace shrinks to have what distinction with quickening

1, abdominal distension limits differs

Quickening is fetal the feeling that collision uterus wall moves in amniotic fluid and makes inside the uterus mom is experienced, abdomen is right now local may have feel distended or stretch tight closely feeling, but it is local only. If whole abdomen has abdominal distension feeling, and when do not have sometimes, may be palace shrinks.

2, the frequency that happen differs

Quickening appears the meeting is more unexpected, accurate mom won’t have unwell feeling commonly. And palace shrinks is a slow process, the uterus can harden gradually, companion has abdominal distension or celiac keenly feel.

3, the position that produce differs

Quickening is discontinuous, the place that feels quickening and fetal in the uterusA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The place that moves in is consistent, often can alternate. Because of any this place in the uterus, in the sense that all can not sense fetal movement with time and creates. If be whole uterus hair is good, accurate mom feels abdominal feel distended, straining, have uric idea sometimes even or meaning, that is uterine systole.

4, alleviate the method of unwell feeling differs

When quickening is fiercer, if accurate mom looks for a comfortable and quiet place to sit down, put some of light music, hum some ditty, perhaps follow fetal say to talk, read read, stroke belly gently perhaps, such letting fetal loosen come down, quickening unwell feeling can have alleviate.

And if be the palace that appears when true childbirth,shrink, no matter do what palace to shrink to won’t stop, and can strengthen gradually.

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