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If prostate is to discover those who effect a radical cure to the word of inflammation is very difficult, major patient even if the circumstance that after accepting treatment, still can appear to have a relapse ceaselessly, this are very crucial, say to should want soShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Method goes taking the therapy that fight bacterium, just can restrain the bacterium among him body to affect, and also can reduce the difficulty above cure, the cleanness that in living at ordinary times, still needs to hold him body is wholesome.

 Prostate cured can have a relapse

1. refuses bacterium treatment

Prostate fluid education discovers the pathogen that cause disease is the basis that chooses antibacterial content to treat. Blame bacterium sex if prostatitis patient has a bacterium to affect sign, via common treatment cure disables, yi Ke uses antibacterial content to treat appropriately. The choice of antibacterial content needs1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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The prostate that notices the existence between prostate gland bubble and small loop is formed by lipoid film – hematic protective screen, hamper from protective screen water-solubility antibiotic is passed, reduce remedial effect greatly. When prostate stone exists, stone can make shelter system of the bacterium. Afore-mentioned all elements formed chronic bacterium sex the difficulty on prostatitis cure, need longer period of treatment, and have a relapse easily.

At present medicaments of ketone of Nuo of much view Kui is like oxygen fluorine Sha Xing or sanded star of fluorine of left oxygen coming back. If disable,continue to use 8 weeks. Recrudesce and bacterium is planted changeless, convert precautionary dosage breaks out with reducing acute, make symptomForum of Shanghai night net

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Drop. If long-term application antibiotic causes severe deputy reaction, be like enteritis of false film sex, diarrhoea, alvine path is able to bear or endure develop of medical bacterium individual plant, need to change remedial program.

Whether does prostatitis use blame bacterium sex aptly antibacterial thing treatment, clinical go up to still have a controversy. “Asepsis sex ” prostatitis patient also can be used pair of bacteria and raise the medicaments with former significant put oneself in another’s position, be like medicaments of Kui Nuo ketone, SMZ-TMP or sheet use TMP, with ketone of Nuo of tetracycline, Kui medicaments is used or interval is used. If antibiotic cure is invalid, think truly asepsis sex prostatitis person, criterion cure of antibiotic of out of service. In addition, close with catheter of double ball bursa prostate ministry is urethral, flow into prostate to be in charge of instead from solution of antibiotic of urethral antrum infuse, yike achieves remedial goal.

 Prostate cured can have a relapse

I basically be wide chart antibiotic, be treated to disease and support treatment. Ⅱ recommend give priority to with antibiotic of profess to convinced, choose sensitivity medicaments, period of treatment is 4 ~ 6 weeks, should undertake to the patient sex of curative effect phase is evaluated during. Ⅲ but first antibiotic of profess to convinced 2 ~ 4 weeks, evaluate curative effect again. At the same time complementary fight phlogistic drug in order to be not steriod body, α suffers body Jie to fight an agent, m suffers body Jie to resist the improvement such as the agent micturition symptom and ache. IV need not treat.

2. diminish inflammation, acetanilideNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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The body that be not steriod kind fight phlogistic drug ameliorable symptom, use antiphlogistic painful to be taken orally or suppository commonly, use diminish inflammation of Chinese traditional medicine, clear heat, alexipharmic, soft firm medicaments also gets certain result. The alcohol that fasten Piao can reduce the uric acid concentration in the whole body and prostate fluid, theoretic can regard freedom radical as cleared agent, still can keep clear of active oxygen composition, relieve inflammation, alleviate aching. The auxiliary treatment method that can yet be regarded as can choose.

 Prostate cured can have a relapse

3. physics is treated

Prostate is massaged can discharge the cent that empty prostate condenses inside the canal1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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The infection kitchen of secrete content and area of block of drainage gland body, while because this is right stubborn case is using antibiotic every 3Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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~ does prostate 7 days to massage. A variety of physics factor are used as prostate physiotherapy, be like microwave, radio frequency, ultrashort, medium wave and hot water hip bath, to flabby prostate, hind urethral and flowing flesh and basin heart muscle, strengthen gentle of the curative effect that fight bacterium to solve aching symptom to have certain profit.

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